Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pulang Bato of Valencia, Negros Oriental

Located in Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines, the unusual beauty of Pulang Bato is blessed with unique aura and mystery. It is abundant with volcanic stem and rocks stained with sulfuric mud slides and turns-out into reddish rocks. Many folks believe— that the water came from waterfalls can cure an illness.
On our way to the falls...
                           It also delivers healing mineral water to the bathers...
Getting here is just easy, a 20- minute ride from Dumaguete City, Philippines,then another 20-minute short trek to the waterfalls. In my case, my friend and I had just rented a multicab. Then we paid P700.00. Though the cab fee is expensive, but what matters most is the valuable journey that we had.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Unforgettable Pescador Island

This hog-heaven place had played indelible scars of my life—for both joy and misery. It left marks of the unanticipated accident that led me to have fractured fingers. Even so, depression is the exact way to release the tension. Somehow, it didn't change my desire to come back and reminisce over —the once in a lifetime death and survival experience in the sea ...

A 20-minute pump boat ride by west of Moalboal can get you through to a remarkable spots for diving and snorkeling.Nemo or shall I say clown fish is everywhere, magnificent corals and walls of deep, shallow sea that drop downs deeper than 40 meters unto the sea. Certainly, this bewitching brine water will take your breath away ...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bohol Travelogue

The sole ambiance of Bohol is well-established. It is one of the most attractive Tourist destination in the Philippines. It is also considered as "God's Little Paradise."However when I got to Bohol , there's a heavy rain but it didn't discourage me and my team to enjoy the vibe. Even so, this travelogue is purely  mixed with  a multi-task job— from teaching , explaining all the stuffs about Bohol to a dozen of  Korean students and the best part of it, is touring. And with all the details that I've been through,I even ran out of saliva, Somehow, it' s worth to recall all those unforgettable memories.The sweats are worth paid for...

Now, let's take a bounce on the place that I used to visit.

Kalipayan bungalow...

     Alona Beach,Tawala,Panglao, Bohol
monkey  @ Charlotte Beach
and Charlotte Beach Resort 

  with students and co-teacher... 


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kaamulan Park

Aside from being famous of "pineapple" this City in the forest has so much to offer. The perfect ambiance of the countryside exudes the entire place. Surrounded with abound pine trees, Kaamulan Park is considered as the "Little Baguio" in Bukidnon.You can feel the mist of the air and the cool weather.

You can jog here... ready,get, set... go!!!

You can also try horse back riding and it cost for only 30.00/head but I'm not that sure if it's still the same price as before.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bagacay Point

This sight-seeing adventure was unplanned. It just happened in the late afternoon,  when I came to visit at the town of Consolacion, Cebu to drop-by some Imbutido to my best friend’s bro. Then out of curiosity, we decided to pay a short visit in “Bagacay Point.”The truth is, we really don’t know how to get there, we just simply asked people around Lilo-an, to give us some simple yet useful info’s…And we’re lucky not to get lost.
At last, we arrived in Brgy., Catarman Village, Lilo-an City,Philippines. Of course, taking pictures and observing this lovely-place is a must! At first glance, I was fascinated with uphill overlooking sides of the point that unveils the American colonial Architecture.


I really love the sky…
Very quite and relaxing...

So much for that, my day is complete again… I had fun ,joy and  memorable experience in Bagacay Point...

Monastery of Transfiguration

When it comes to ethereal healing wonders, one of the places that I highly recommend is the Monastery of Transfiguration. Suited in Barangay San Jose, Malaybalay City,Bukidnon, Philippines. It simply introduces you to Benedictine Monks of Bukidnon and the grandeur "pyramid" structure of MONASTERY OF TRANSFIGURATION.  
see the pyramid? It's not just only in Egypt...
 clean and quite...
Unquestionable, it provokes you to understand the profound beauty of spiritual meditation, serenity and the admiring verdure surroundings. It shares the splendid work of art by the country's national artist for Architecture Leandro Locin.

 One more thing, souvenir shop is widely open for you to buy some homemade delicious delicacies. (",

Legacy of Carcar City, Cebu

Carcar City became famous for its mouth-watering Chicharon and ampao.Its Rotunda Kiosk serves as the  heart of the city —that separate the boundaries of  San Fernando, Sibonga and Barili .It portrays the unique and antique blend of Spanish-American infrastructure heritage. It's also prominent for its locally-made shoes.
Theotokos Diocesan Shrine just located near Perrelos Elementary school.
The entrance.
Theotokos came from Greek word that means" Mother of God". This 20 ft.long Mama Mary shares miraculous sign of  a"dancing sun" appeared for the first time when Arch.Cardinal Vidal blessed the statue. This Holy-place can give enlightenment for those people who are hopeless and in need of spiritual guidance. 
Saint Catherine of Alexandria was built around 1860-1875 by Augustinian.Inside the church is various signatures of dotted tombstones on walls and flooring that certainly give you a jaw-dropping goose bumps

                   behind these angels,you can see many lapida's here or gravestone..
I think,it's just a common practice to have their remains rested inside the holy grounds...

1929 Carcar City Museum